Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fate Tiger Coloseum

A hillarious Typemoon fanservice game.

Shortly after Fate Zero and Carnival Phantasm were released i decided to play Fate Tiger Coloseum which i left unfinished few years ago. Frankly i would say this is one of the underappreciated Typemoon games mainly due to the language barrier as you will find tons of hillarious stuffs in this game given that you at least understand the series background and little bit knowledge of Japanese.

Fate Tiger Coloseum's gameplay is simplistic fighting game where the Fate Casts are depicted in Chibi form with nendoroid like proportion. There are multiple types of battle in this game from score attack until Battle Royal. While the game has simple gameplay, it is rather unforgiving in Hard mode where the opponents are really aggressive and gang-up against you. You will barely find any chance of opening and will have to rely on special attacks gained by having sufficient mana and possessing the tiger ball.

 Fate Tiger Coloseum features 21 characters from Fate Stay Night and Hollow Ataraxia and each of them have their own story which consist of 7 chapters. Each characters have power based on points allocated to them where character get the points proportional to the character they defeated. Average characters worth 5-9 points on average where Shinji is the lowest with the point of 1 as he can be killed easily and berserker possess the highest point worth 60 as this guy is really broken in 2 on 2 fight because you need to kill him 12 times before you earned point from him. It is recommended to play in Hard mode as you will unlock the character's costume along the way.

 Fate Tiger main story revolves around a mysterious holy grail appearance called Tiger's holy grail in peaceful Fuyuki City. The Fate/Stay Night casts who had their peaceful life once again had to fight for the wish granting machine for their desire while some of them just have their life goes on unknowingly getting involved in the Holy Grail war for instance Rider was wandering around Fuyuki to look around for her glasses. I find most character's story are rather bland though some of them are really hillarious like Berserker's, Shinji's and Kotomine are very hilarious. 

These are the ending CGs for each character's story mode, which are lighthearted save for Kotomine's where his story starts very funny as he had amnesia and get tricked by various characters until he regain his memory.My favorite ending would be Caster's since we seen her in school uniform and Assasin's which are the most lighthearted on in my opinion. The sequel of this game known as Fate Tiger Colosseum Upper are even better than this game and the story is even more heartwarming. I will definitely talk about that game in near future as i really like the game as well,

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