Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Play Arts Kai Naked Snake Battle Dress ver

Recently i have played MGS Peacewalker on my PSP and i find it to be quite fun game despite having slightly different gameplay orientation with previous titles. I have been browsing for some MGS merchandise and i find Play Arts had plenty of its lineup made from this series. One of the MGS Play arts that i am interested with is the Big Boss/Naked Snake with Battle armor featured in Peacewalker. This uniform provide greatest protection for Big Boss in exchange of stealth and mobility which are great for all out combat against Metal Gear or Armored Vehicles. The Action Figure comes with Machine Gun, RPG and handgun as the armament and extra headpiece to portray the action figure as regular MSF soldier. This action figure would be the first one that i will get if i ever consider to get a MGS action figure as it is still affordable compared to the Playarts version of the Metal Gears.

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