Monday, November 14, 2011

Nendoroid Saber Lion

Recently i played Fate Tiger Coloseum which is fighting game made by Capcom and Cavia for PSP which features Fate Stay Night character, i have sudden interest with the Nendoroid Saber Lion. After i played Saber Lion's scenario in Colosseum Upper i find this version of Saber is really cute and wants to get it. Saber Lion is a clone of Saber produced by the Tiger Holy Grail accidentally in Fate Tiger Colosseum which she just appeared in Saber's scenario ending though her character is fleshed out in Upper. She is pretty much treated as Saber's little sister by Emiya household and she can speak word "Gao" only which some character can interpret.

 Unfortunately the Nendoroid has been long sold out since it was released in 2008 and Nendoroid lineups gets their stock run ot really fast. The nendoroid have Meat stick which is used as her weapon and rice bowl as accessories and several face expressions which i find her sad expression to be adorable. The nendoroid would have been better if the lion plushie's expression can be changed and Excalibur is included. Currently i am thinking to get this Nendoroid from YJA due to the product has been discontinued and don't want to get it in Ebay due to the risk of getting a bootleg one.

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