Monday, November 7, 2011

Nendoroid Tachikoma Review

Adorable mascot of Ghost in the Shell!

While i don't collect nendoroids in general, i decided to get a Nendoroid specifically Tachikoma from GiTS after watching Stand Alone Complex which i find them really adorable. Despite i am not familiar with Nendoroid lineups, Tachikoma is one of the Nendoroid that really differs with the rest of the products.

Tachikomas are spider-like tactical machines with Artificial Intelligence known as Think Tanks which 9 of them are assigned to Section 9 of Tokyo Police Department. What makes them special compared with other Think Tanks is that these Tachikomas are sentient yet possess Childish and personality along with being Hyperactive which makes them serving as the lighter side of Section 9.

In terms of Firepower, Tachikomas may  not be able to compete with Military units like Jigabachi or Power armor used by JSDF. However their abilities as Counter terrorist weapon proves to be Great asset for Section 9 despite their child like personalities.

The Nendoroid Tachikoma comes with rather minimalistic accessory for Nendoroid lineup as usually most Nendoroids come with significant amount of accessories or so what it seems. Tachikoma comes with 2 spare hands, gatling gun, howitzer and oil bottle as accessories. The nendoroid version of Tachikoma only had minimalistic articulation as expected from the lineup though i wish the arms articulation could have been better.

Tachikomas are armed with Howitzer cannon or Gatling Gun as ranged weapon depending on the missions. However Tachikomas' greatest assets would be their Active Camouflage system which makes them suitable units for sabotage combined with their mobility due to their ability to climb from buildings to buildings with their Spider nets.

Out of all section 9 Personnels, the Tachikomas are particularly close with Batou who used his spare time taking care of them and secretly gives them special Oil which probably responsible for the sentience of the Tachikomas. They are really close enough with Batou that some of the sacrificed themselves to save Batou near the end of First season of Stand Alone Complex.

Since i am not used to review Nendoroids, it is expected that this review would be short. Personally i am not a fan of GSC but decided to get their version of Tachikoma as they seems to have the best average rendition of Tachikoma. I wonder if i will get any GiTS stuff in the future.

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