Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Loot!

Just got my stuff yesterday from Amiami. As promised i get Soulgain and Rockman Zero since i am looking forward to build them from the beginning when they announced and i also managed to grab 4th volume of FSS reboot from HLJ. It is also unexpected for me to get Composite ver ka Exbein considering i don't really like this guys as it is just a poor replacement of Huckebein Mk III. However having the toy almost 50% off and preorder cd bonus makes this toy a get for me in the end. Unfortunately it is highly likely that i will be able to worki on these kit by the end of this year since i still got couple of backlogs to finish first(yet again).


  1. Didn't expect you would get composite ver Ka Exbein, what about the composite ver Ka Cybuster ?

  2. @DarkFaiz i don't think i will get composite ver Ka Cybuster since i got the 1/144 kit already. I decided to buy Exbein partly because i had Huckebein Boxer which i will show later in my review.

  3. Really?
    Well, I heard that the Composite ver Ka Cybuster is pretty good so I'm planning to get it.
    Can't wait for your SoulGain review XD