Thursday, November 10, 2011

D-Style Hogire Noblesse Oblige

The D-Style lineup for Armored core get another addition to its line up yet again and this time it is Hogire Noblesse Oblige just like i guessed few months ago. The kit will be released on march next year with the price of 2000 yen which is the same price with D-Style White Glint. yet again i am really tempted to get this kit despite i am not collecting SD kits. Probably Lahire Stasis will get the D-Style Treatment next if there is one or Sobrero will get it either though i would like to see Nineball Seraph would get one in the future. I wonder where the D-Style kits will expand the lineup next whether it is Super Robots or Real Robots though i hoped Kotobukiya could make one for SRW OG.

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