Saturday, December 3, 2011

1/100 MG Delta Plus Review

I call it Knight of Gold δ

This is probably my last review for this year due to circumstances which i will explain later. Anyway i finished repainting MG Delta Plus on early November but i am unable to prepare the review for it last month due to final exam period. Obviously i repaint my Delta Plus in Hyaku Shiki color scheme and from this kit i realize that i need to change something in order to improve my Modelling skill.

 Delta Plus is one of the latest MS produced in UC 0096 which is transformable and have higher performance compared to its brother ReZel. I didn't know really much about this MS except that its design is based on Hyaku Shiki and Zeta Plus and capable of Atmospheric Reentry without relying on Balute system. While Delta Plus generally perceived as successor Hyaku Shiki, personally i didn't find that this MS really bear any resemblance to Hyaku Shiki save for some cosmetic similarity. Probably Mamoru Nagano doesn't contribute any input for the design while Katoki and Yasuhiko designed Delta Plus with their own idea. So far in Gundam Unicorn OVA, Delta Plus has really little screen time from its debut in 3rd OVA where the pilot, Riddhe Marcenas mostly pilot it in Wave Rider mode.

As an MG kit Delta Plus suffers some issues mainly with balance due to its design as Transformable kit though it has some improvements compared to similar older kit like MG Zeta Plus since the hip can be articulated now. The reason why the MG suffer balance issues is due to the feet design which simply not suitable to sustain the weight of the kit and moreover it severely limited the kit's articulation without additional support. However Bandai at least managed to make the kit look good.

Probably the only reason why i get this MG is solely to repaint it in Hyaku Shiki color scheme since this is the only MG kit that bear some traits of Hyaku Shiki which is one of my favorite Mobile Suit in UCverse. I also decided to put some Mirage Knight emblem decal on this kit as a homage for this kit's predecessor's base model which is no other than Knight of Gold from Five Star Stories.

It roughly took me 3 days to complete this work as i did rather thorough painting for kit especially the gold parts which i gave it twice coating of gold(though i think it will look better if i gave it more which is possible if i had Airbrush due to spray cans are not really cost friendly). If i had Airbrush probably i would have more options on deciding the Gold colors which could be better and this make me realize that i had to get an Airbrush soon or later if i want to take my modelling skill to another level.

The main armament of Delta Plus is the Beam Rifle which is the same as the one Rezel but will complete the job nevertheless. In the OVA the beam rifle is shown to be quite powerful and could take most older Zeon MS if it is aimed right. Delta Plus is also shown to have accurate precision with the weapon in the Waverider mode.

The other ranged armament that Delta Plus had is the beam cannon mounted on the shield which seems to be only efficient in Waverider mode. So far i never seen Delta Plus used this armament in the OVA.

Delta Plus had pair of Beam Sabers mounted on the shield which is rather hard to get them out from the kit. I used the beam saber color that Hyaku Shiki had to match the color scheme of my Delta Plus.

Probably the least thing that i like from MG Delta Plus is the transformation which is really troublesome. The reason is that the transformation process is way too complex due too plenty of small parts involved in and the kit in waverider mode is still abit unstable despite having additional parts attached to it(Even my Zeta Plus didn't have this kind of issue). 

It is pretty much guaranteed that you will probably snap something from the kit especially the torso part if you handle it too rough during the attempt to transform it. Unfortunately my Delta Plus waverider mode is rather imperfect as i had my kit's joint between the cockpit and torso
snapped already which makes the shield parts going slightly downward. I am curious whether the transformation scheme for MG Zeta Plus 2.0 looks like since i heard it is way better compared to Delta Plus.

Well this is the comparison of Delta Plus with Hyaku Shiki and Delta Plus definitely suffer from Katoki Syndrome due to the long legs. I would suggest to stay away from this MG kit and find other MG which are more stable since this kit had plenty of issues more than its worth unless you have some kind of attachment for Delta Plus (which i really don't have). In the end i couldn't really bring myself to like Delta Plus as a mecha because i see this MS as lackluster successor of Hyaku Shiki(probably not intended to be) and only have transformation as an improvement from the former MS. I would say Hyaku Shiki Kai is way better successor of Hyaku Shiki compared to Delta Plus save for the head design.

I will definitely make more groupshots of Hyaku Shiki and Delta Plus once i get better camera since i am quite disappointed with the results for my Delta Plus shots. So as a closing for this post please look forward for the future review in next year!

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