Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gundam Seed Battle Destiny announced!

At last Vita got its first Gundam games made by Artdink which is well known for its Gundam Battle series. This time Vita get Gundam Battle series as well which features Gundam Seed series including Astray. It seems Bandai promotes SEED series rather intense for the HD Remaster of the series or perhaps there is something else that Bandai had in mind. From the first look, the graphics greatly improved from the PSP counterpart of Assault Survive at least and probably the gameplay will take some elements from Battle Memories. Personally this is not a game that urge me to get Vita soon as i am still skeptical with the gameplay due to Artdink's habit of over reusing materials and my bad impression left by Assault Survive which is a total grindfest. I am still waiting for the PV for clearer look on this game but my expectations wouldn't be high. I hope this game wouldn't suffer Bamco treatment of abusing DLCs and i wonder which mecha game will be coming next on VITA.

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