Friday, December 9, 2011

1/12 Chirico Cuvie

At last i got some internet connection set up in my current staying place and thus i will resume my blogging activity. Anyway i have been interested with some Votoms figure after i watched Votoms series last year. This particular figure is Chirico Cuvie sculpted by Yamato few years ago in 2005 and meant to complement the Scope Dogs that Yamato made on the same scale. The figure quality is great for its time and the only flaw i see from this action figure is its face sculpture. Chirico Cuvie is the lead character in Votoms series who is a battle hardened AT pilot who seeks to be freed from war. Chirico is very well known for his prowess as an AT pilot and survival skill where he can get away from situations where a normal man would have died already. Unfortunately the action figure is discontinued already but i would love to buy this guy if it is ever restocked. For your interest the pilot of Alteisen in SRW OG series, Kyosuke Nanbu had his character based on Chirico.

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