Sunday, December 18, 2011

Break Blade Movie 1-6 Review

A worthy adaptation of the original manga.

Last few weeks i managed to continue watching the Movie Adaptation of Break Blade which was finished last year. I am really skeptical with the movie at first as i see recent Movie adaptation of several series has been really lackluster like Fate UBW or Gundam 00 Movie and this series even unfinished yet. I had to say the Movie adaptation of Break Blade really exceed my expectations and i am quite satisfied with the movie overall.

The Movie adaptations of Break Blade is divided into 6 episodes and overall cover the story of the series from the beginning until the end of Borcuse arc which roughly cover 50 chapters of the manga. It is predictable that the movie will branch off with the manga eventually as the manga even haven't finished the Borcuse Arc when the movie is airing. The movie's story do branch off from the manga which is roughly started after the duel of Girge with Rygart, the production staff managed to makes end outcome of the series to be the same with the manga after all (i recall the 5th movie is airing shortly after Girge's death in the manga).

While the first two episodes of movie doesn't seem to be awesome due to lacking amount of actions, from the third episodes onward the movie getting really great as the strongest selling point of the movie are shown really well; which is the mecha action. The Break Blade movie has the best mecha actions from mecha series released from last 3 years that i have seen at least. The Golems which are the mecha of Break Blade are depicted really well with the movie. While the Golems seem to be sluggish in ranged combat due to the settings, they are really deadly in close combat and the movie animate them with really well done job. The battle are really intense and enjoyable despite there are no pretty rainbow beams throughout the movie and you will expect both skirmish and big battles in the movie are going to be epic especially the ones that involve Girge with his Red Eltemis.

Despite the movie does not cover the full plot of the manga, they took most of the main plots and implement some the in their own way. While i did expect the movie will have some degradation due to being a movie adaptation, the production staff manage to keep it down really well. The opening of the movie is pretty great as well since the animation blends with the song well.

Break Blade movies are great adaptations of the manga as it supplements the manga really well and did its job as a movie perfectly too. I strongly recommend the ones who read the manga to try giving it a watch as the it has one of the best mecha action in its department. After i watched the movie, somehow i had an urge to make Girge's version of Eltemis and probably will attempt to work on it sometime next year if everything is going well. Hopefully this is not the last time that i will see an animation that have such great mecha action like Break Blade and i wonder if Gundam Unicorn could do the same thing like Break Blade movie did which i will leave to you guys to figure out?

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