Friday, December 30, 2011

Mechatalk: Real Robot or Super Robot

Not really a mechatalk post but in this blog post i will discuss about Super Robot and Real Robot in relation with the Poll that had been up for a while in this blog. First of all i have to thank everyone who had participated the poll for over 6 months. From the poll results out of 41 polls 29 prefers Real Robot which sums up to 70% of the total polls while Super Robot only account for 30% of the poll. The reason why i decide to put up the polling is to see which niche i should focus with for the blog in the future but it does not mean that i will neglect one niche over another.

Personally i am a real robot fan myself since Real Robots were the dominant niche in my time as it slowly take over Super Robots. Super Robots is quite unpopular to the current generation of anime fans considering the niche gradually become more obscure after seeing its Golden Age in 80s. One of the common things that i see from Super Robots that cause them to be unpopular despite having great mecha design are either having lackluster plots in their series, significant quality problems and overstretched plots which are rather common for 80s mecha series. Some of the good of example of these cases are Zeorymer, Dancougar and Aquarion which SRW series definitely help to contribute for their popularity.

While there are some gray area in distinguishing Real Robot with Super Robot considering some of mecha series takes several aspects of both niches and the series is taken into one niche if it mainly focus on the aspects of that niche. Out of many Real Robots series that i watched/read, some of the series that depict the characteristics of Real Robot really well are Full Metal Panic, Votoms and Patlabor which i will leave to future discussions how they manage to become the best example of the niche. Now it is time for me to prepare my review of the year

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