Friday, December 23, 2011

Mechatalk: EX-S Gundam

Arguably the most powerful mobile suit in Z to ZZ Gundam era.

It has been more than 3 months since i write a Mechatalk post and this time i am writing them up again at least until i am snapping some Plamo again. This time i will talk about EX-S Gundam which is the lead mecha of Gundam Novel Series called Sentinel Gundam which had single volume only and happens to be translated already. Sentinel Gundam is probably the first work of Katoki Hajime in late 80s which makes him really well known to Gundam fans. Since i haven't read the novel i will try to provide information of EX-S Gundam based on my experience mostly from G Generation and Battle Universe.

EX-S Gundam is one of the upgraded version of Sentinel Gundam which boast its raw firepower. Unlike most lead Gundam Design, EX-S are not specifically designed for Newtypes but probably its fullest potential can be brought with one. For primary armament, EX-S is equipped with 4 Beam cannons on its back, a pair of incoms and a Beam Smart Rifle. The incoms that EX-S had is really different with other Incoms that other MS had such as Doven Wolf or Gundam Mk-IV. Normally Incoms are wire-guided remote weapon which shoot projectiles which is basically funnels for Old Types. However the Incoms that EX-S equipped with are designed to reflect beams which makes it having 2 main purposes: Reflecting the beam smart gun shot by EX-S which makes enemies harder to evade and reflecting the beams shot by enemies if necessary.

Unlike Sentinel Gundam which separate into 3 G-Fighter when transforming, EX-S Parts enable it to transform into single G-Fighter called G Cruiser. EX-S is also equipped with I-Field which makes it the first MS that had one in UC era unless Quin Mantha count as MS. This makes EX-S Gundam really powerful MS both offensive and defensive and probably still a fearsome opponent even in CCA era.

The Pilot of Sentinel Gundam is Ryu Roots who is an Oldtype EFSF pilot tasked to hunt down the Remnants of Titans faction called New Desides. Unlike most Gundam series protagonist, Ryu is an incompetent pilot who is average at best unlike his Rival, Brave Cods who lead the New Desides while piloting his Gundam Mk-V with proficiency. Probably what makes Ryu to survive is his Gundam as it is arguably the strongest MS in UC 0088.

What really differs Sentinel Gundam with other MS is that it is equipped with special OS called ALICE which is basically less dangerous version of Zero System mixed with EXAM system. ALICE provide combat data input for pilots which increase the combat performance of the MS and also capable of taking control of the Unit when it feels necessary. However what makes ALICE system to be really fearsome is its learning capability as it can process new datas and improve its performance significantly. Unfortunately the ALICE system is destroyed along with EX-S Gundam as gets burned down to atmospheres as it tries to save its pilot after heavy battle damage from the fight with Gundam Mk-V.

If EX-S Gundam is piloted by ACE Pilot like Amuro or Kamille, probably the full potential of this gundam can be truly shown. EX-S Gundam design makes it looks really powerful Gundam even compared to other Gundams which are produced later like Nu Gundam or Unicorn. Personally i feel that EX-S is too early for its era and ideally shown up around CCA era where it seems to be more appropriate. Please keep in mind that i will eventually update the this post again as i see it is abit incomplete for now.

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