Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fate Tiger Colosseum Upper

The sequel that had even better story and more hilarity.

Recently i played Fate Tiger Coloseum since my interest came back again after Fate Zero was airing. Shortly i completed that game, i go straightly into Fate Tiger Colosseum Upper which is the sequel of Tiger Colosseum released a year later after the first one. While i don't see many Typemoon fans discuss this game much i would say this game is really a gold mine for Fate fans especially if they can understand the story of the game.

Tiger Coloseum Upper offer 13 new stories which introduce several characters notably from Fate Hollow Ataraxia and Zero with some other typemoon characters like Magical Amber or Neco Arc show up as well. There are 4 characters from Tiger Coloseum that got new stories while Saber didn't count since she is entirely different character with Saber lion in this game.

Fate Tiger Colosseum Upper follows the story after Tiger Coloseum event where the Tiger Holy Grail is destroyed. The plot revolves around a mysterious troublemaking alien showing up in Fuyuki City along with several Magical girls causing Shenanigans in the city. Each character's story is related with the incident for instance Kiritsugu somehow got revived and got to save his wife from becoming a Magical Girl or Phantasmoon who tries to save the day in Fuyuki city as Magical Girl but creating much more trouble instead(turns out she get her costume by stealing one from Caster) or even Taiga Sensei who somehow end up in space travelling with Neco Arc across galaxy. The story in Tiger Colosseum upper is even more hillarious and touching like Kiritsugu's who get to meet both his children while Illya getting really tsundere over him.

The story mode of Tiger Colosseum Upper is still the same with the prequel which still have 7 chapters for each character. In terms of gameplay Tiger Colosseum Upper also getting better but not much, There are minimaps now given in the game and things are getting more balanced for instance the recovery item didn't have the same efficacy in previous game. However the AI in the game is still annoying just like in the prequel where they are always spamming their attacks on you in case they team up with each other.

These are all 13 endings of the story modeand my favorite is easily Kiritsugu's as he finally get his deserved happiness with his families though i find Neco Arc's is quite funny as well since She and Shinji managed to prevent a crisis but got beaten up in the end due to making trouble early on. This game is really recommended for Fate fans due to its hilarious stories which are full voiced and you can even replay the scenario of Tiger Colosseum if you had the UMD through its Extra Mode. Unfortunately i don't think there could be another sequel for the game due to lack of additional story even when the rest of Fate/Zero character included except Tsukihime Characters are included. Now i am off to Fate/Extra which turns out to be enjoyable game.

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