Monday, December 26, 2011

After Wars Gundam X

A promising yet really underrated Gundam series

2 Weeks ago i watched Gundam X and finished it in few days. Overall i find the series had potentials to be great but ends up to be mediocre Gundam series as the tv series unfortunately stopped in 39 episodes instead of 50 planned episodes. This series pretty much becomes a poor victim of time despite carrying great potentials within. Probably Gundam X is my second favorite AU series after Mobile Fighter G Gundam.

Unlike other Alternate Universe series, Gundam X takes place in a paralel setting of UC eras where One Year War never concluded and the arduous battle between Earth federation and Spacenoids ends in long stalemate. However 15 years before the series start, an all out battle between 2 sides happen where spacenoids forces are taking heavy losses with the devastating Satellite Cannon of Earth Federation and in retaliation, Spacenoids drop colonies to Earth which leads to total destruction of the planet. 15 years after Earth remains a barren land where people salvaging and raiding with Mobile Suit to survive and they are called Vultures.

Just like most Gundam series, the story focus around a teenage protagonist and this time the protagonist is a 15 year old boy called Garrod Ran. Garrod is a trickster who lives by stealing MS and selling them. However his life drastically changed when he met a young girl called Tiffa who are chased by people who suspect her as a Newtype and desire to use her. Falling in love with her at first sight, Garrod tried to protect Tiffa and during his escape he stumble upon a mobile suit which is the legacy of war 15 years ago, Gundam X. Shortly afterward he joins a Vulture Group called Freeden in order to protect Tiffa and travel around the world.

Out of all AU Gundam series, i find Gundam X has the most interesting Background setting which could bring some possible great stories. Moreover just like G Gundam, the characters in Gundam X are great both for main and supporting character and they are well written. Garrod probably one of the weakest Gundam protagonist as he doesn't possess any special power to begin with but he is likable character and makes up for his weakness with his tenacity which fits really well for a teenage character archetype and probably He and Tiffa is the most lovely couple in whole Gundam series.

Gundam X stops prematurely due to low ratings probably due to Audiences are getting fed up with the Gundam series overall as they are always airing every year from early 90s and Gundam X become a victim of it. However the reason why the series ended with 39 episodes partially due to the series itself. Beng story-driven series, Gundam X offer potentially great story but the mecha actions is slightly disappointing despite it certainly has some of great moments. I guess the mecha designs are not that popular for fans as well. While Gundam X is certainly a great design, i couldn't say the same thing with DX which seems too bland. The main antagonists which are the Frost Brothers are probably less popular villains, while i see they could be good characters most of the time they are really annoying and even by the end of the series their motives are not fully fleshed out.

If Gundam X stays airing until 50 episodes, probably many things could be different. The series might deliver really strong antiwar message just like War in the Pocket that did it really well. We might even see Gundam DX gets upgraded and G Falcon are docking with the Leopard and Airmaster Gundam are in action. While the series get decent conclusion in the end, the buildup is not enough to make the story of the series to be memorable. However i could say Gundam X did manage to deliver some of its message and probably the overall story is better compared to recent gundam series. I wish Bandai will not keep treating this series like a bastard child and try to flesh out the series more. i also would like to see MG treatment for the series which i really look forward for Gundam X to get one and Divider as a bonus. I would strongly recommend watching the series if you are looking for story since it is one of the better in AU series though probably you will be disappointed with the series if you are looking for intense mecha actions. If you happen to be a fan of this series you might try to play ACE 3: Final or SRW Z since there are some awesome moments involving the Gundam X casts.

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