Friday, May 6, 2016

Genesis Climber Mospeada

 Watched this for Mecha and got some Power Armor action instead. Mospeada is a series inspired by the first Space Dimension Macross and it would have been a thing if it was released after Zeta Gundam instead. Trying to follow up Macross success with VF-1, Mospeada features transforming jet-plane mecha called Legioss which are pretty cool but the main highlight of the series are Motorcycle that can transform to Power Armor for the armor called Mospeada. The mechanical design for this series was one of the major works of Shinji Aramaki who also did the designs for last Starship Trooper CGI movie and seriously i have much respect for this guy! Apart from the rather shady Adaptation as part of Robotech, Mospeada would have been a great series if it were executed properly.

 Unfortunately the series aired too prematurely at its time, as Real Robot were not really a mainstream thing yet during its time at least until Zeta Gundam cement the genre. As a result it was a Real Robot show presented in the slow-paced Super Robot Show primarily intended to sell toys which destroyed the charm that series had. If the series had been airing on mid-late eighties, i believe the series could have made a good post-apocalyptic mecha series as it have some good concepts. My main gripe for Mospeada was mainly the presentation of storytelling, personally i don't think constant runaway with bunch of misfits would fit the mecha design of Mospeada which give out the professional army vibe. Also most of the battle are done on Power Armor and Small Arms while the Jet Fighter Mecha were treated like Special Final Weapon which would work on Super Robot series but not on Real Robot. And lastly for a Real Robot series with professional army settings like Mospeada, it really need massive scale battle to really shine as these kind of mecha rely on modern army tactics in order to really shine.

While Mospeada was such a wasted potential, it does have memorable stuff with having a Guy perfectly impersonating as Female who even did sing in performance. Still makes me wonder why the series haven't been in SRW yet even though it would really make a good material especially for Post-Apocalyptic setting or anything involved with Mars despite the TV series had more Power Armor actual than actual mecha stuff. With Mospeada done, i think i will give other Shinji Aramaki's works like Megazone 23 or Bubblegum Crisis a run.

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