Wednesday, May 25, 2016

SRW MX second playthrough finished!

 I think it has been five years since i completed my first run of SRW MX and i guess due to some nostalgia factors, i decided to do another playthrough of the game on my PSP starting from last month and finished just now. This time i used Garmraid instead which is the Super Robot counterpart of Cerberus. While Garmraid is a decent unit, in the end i feel that Garmraid Blaze is not as cool as Cerberus Ignite when it comes to design. SRW MX had a lasting impression for me since it was one of the early SRW title that i played when my Japanese was rather lacking. As my Japanese language skill got better over past five year, this time i get to appreciate the storyline and the character's interaction better than last time.

I named my MX Squad Alpha Numbers lol
The Meioh Attack simply pwns everything

 For my second playthrough of SRW MX, the game are much more a breeze with extra funds and PP but on top of that MX NewGame+ allows you to keep Upgrade Parts from previous run so you can have fun with those extra Haros. While i got my bias over the series i feel that MX gameplay mechanics and interface doesn't age really well like other pre-Alpha 3 SRW which prevents it to be the best of the series. One of my main gripe over SRW MX is that some of the units will still suck even if you fully upgrade them, i suppose i will just stick with Zeorymer for asskicking purposes. Also the game doesn't have much incentive to play another playthrough compared to other SRW. Nevertheless to this day SRW MX still have the best musical score in the SRW and all it need is some update on gameplay mechanics and it will be a perfect SRW. After playing SRW MX for 2nd time i think i will do some revisits on the mecha series featured on the game like Rahxephon and Zeorymer and probably in near future i will be updating the game article as well.

Also Condolences for Yuko Mizutani's Family and Friends over her recent passing away, her role as Excellen in SRW OG shall be missed

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