Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Taiyou no Yuusha Fighbird

 4th Yuusha title that i finished watching and this makes it halfway to go for me to complete the series! Taiyou no Yuusha Fighbird is the second earliest title out of the series timeline but still an enjoyable ride. Overall the Fighbird feels rather generic compared to other Yuusha series as it still haven't broken away from Kids Super Robot Show mold of the 80s and create the distinct Braves identity that will began to take shape by the 3rd series, Da Garn. Fighbird's Yuusha design are still rather plain and not too flashy compared to the later titles and for some reason still resemble Machine Robo or Transformers design. Also just like Da Garn, the supporting Yuusha Robots in Fighbird still doesn't have much distinct personality save for a few opportunity nearing the end of the show. Nevertheless Fighbird definitely tried to set up the distinct trend for Yuusha series which will pay up its effort

Fighbird's real main protagonist; Yutaro Katori

. What makes Fighbird distinct compared to the rest of Yuusha series is that it is technically the first Yuusha series that stars Adult character which won't be seen again until Gaogaigar. Fighbird's Adult protagonist named Yutaro Katori is the one who does the heavylifting throughout the show while the Kid main character act as support. Katori is Fighbird's spirit which happen to get a human-like vessel that makes him technically an adult. While he may look like a dork in daily life and not as flashy as Gai Shishioh, he is still pretty cool guy and hotblooded capable of kicking many ass. I think Gai and Katori would probably serve as good brother figure for other Yuusha's protagonist and they would get along really well which i am curious if it happen on Brave Saga.

 Compared to other Yuushas title i have watched so far Fighbird is probably the most mediocre one considering Yuusha series was still in its earlier days. But it definitely plays important role on the later Yuusha titles and simply to say without Fighbird, i think Gaogaigar would have been really different. Surprisingly i did have a robot toy from Fighbird series when i was a kid which happened to be Draias, the series main antagonist that looks really cool and easily could have been passed as protagonist's mecha. For my 5th Yuusha series i think i am likely to watch Goldran considering it is one of the series that is going to be completely subbed soon.


Great Fighbird
Thunder Baron


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