Friday, May 13, 2016

1/100 MG Hyaku Shiki Kai

 Just when i am on my second playthrough of my SRW MX, Bandai announced the release of the MG Hyaku Shiki Kai. Personally i find the announcement is kinda random since the mecha doesn't particularly stand out or really that popular. The MG will be released on July this year as Bandai Web-Exclusive with the price tag of whopping 10000 Yen! With that money you can just top up a bit and get MG The O or Sazabi Ka instead which seems to be a better choice. From the apprearance it seems that MG-Hyaku Shiki Kai shares most of the Hyaku Shiki part save for Shoulder, Backpack that kinda remind me with Layzner and the elongated head design which stands out the most from Hyaku Shiki Kai design.

 From what i see i guess one of the reason Bandai decided to release Hyaku Shiki Kai to make use more of the Hyaku Shiki 2.0 molds to compensate for the R&D cost. Also the reason why SRW MX relevant to Hyaku Shiki Kai is because from what i know it was the only non Gundam video game that feature this guy and on top of that the one who pilots it is none other than Quattro Bajeena! To be exact it was the Full Armor version of Hyaku Shiki Kai which is decent unit in the game if overshadowed by other Hard hitters. Anyway i don't think the MG Hyaku Shiki Kai worth 10k Yen as it doesn't have much points to justify the price. But i am still crossing my hand if the Kit will ever get the Full Armor version which comes with upgraded Mega Bazooka Launcher if possible.

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