Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New PS Vita Get!!

 After few years of hassle swapping memory cards for switching PSN account i decided it is time for me to get another Vita for my Japanese PSN. At first i was looking for Light Blue color for my new Vita but settled with Aqua Blue PS Vita Slim along with some other rhythm games. I used my Japanese PSN for mecha gaming purposes because regardless of the gaming generations, majority of mecha games never made it to the west especially the good ones.

 Personally I find Vita had potential to succeed just like PSP but Sony screwed up the platform for being too ambitious even though the machine got better potential than 3DS. In the west Vita never become a big thing because Sony didn't adapt the market situation and did some poor decision like putting useless gimmicks on the platform that jacks up the price which in the end resulted in 3DS reigning over the already shrinking portable market by Consoles and Steam. My biggest disappointment toward Sony is letting Monster Hunter to be 3DS exclusive which means something wrong with their PR toward developers and the mecha games released on Vita so far are really half baked compared to what PSP had. Nevertheless i still really like my Vita which Sony didn't have much faith on it.

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