Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Toukiden 2 Demo thoughts

 Picked up the demo on the Vita and i would say Toukiden 2 got really awesome demo. By the time i write the post i have fought the main monster called Shinragou which looks similar to Cthonian Fiend/Gouenma but use more punches. Compared to the first game, looks like Toukiden 2 are getting plenty of new features to keep the series fresh. For a demo i think Toukiden 2 is quite impressive as it 's length is almost close to a single chapter for hunting game and definitely way better than MH4U. You still get lots of things to do even if the there are only 4 available weapon style as there are plenty of to-do stuffs even after you beat Shinragou which by default conclude the demo.

 Setting up in new Location, Mahoroba. Toukiden 2 is no longer solely quest based Hunting game and have Open World which seems to be similar to the direction of MH4's Free Hunt but looks like Koei Tecmo is putting alot of effort on it and probably some of the storyline based quest will be on the open world. In the demo the open world introduced the Miasma mechanics where it serve as a timer for how long the player able to last in the wilderness and in some of the areas where the miasma are heavy, the area will sap all of your stamina which can be dangerous. On top of that Toukiden 2 will have more vertical actions included in the game and easier navigation of the map with capability of running faster.

 For the battle mechanics, the Mitama got slight revamp now as the non-main mitamas get more role instead of passive stats boost. Toukiden 2 also got new featured called Oni's hand which serves like grappling hook that also capable to prevent the Onis regenerating some of their body parts. The Oni hand should be handy for weapons that are hard to reach higher parts of the bigger Onis like Katana or Gauntlets and very good tool to make the Oni that you particularly hate agonize in pain.

 Toukiden 2 will also introduce new 2 Weapons; Sword&Shield and Whip Sword which are available out of 4 weapons in the demo. I have tried both weapons and from my impression Sword&Shield are very stylish weapon is kinda in between of Monster Hunter's Charge Axe and SnS while Whip Sword is an alternative for Chain and Sickle with more emphasis on placing traps and proper timing on setting them off. I think When Toukiden 2 got released in the west, i will use Sword and Shield  as my main which got rather complicated combos but capable of blocking since i like to stick close to the opponent, the longer the better as my playstyle.

  While the Vita version appear to have some framerate problem, i am quite hyped with Toukiden 2 since i think it will be a great game and will get much closer to MH's level by this time. I will look forward when the game will get released in the west which is definitely going to happen given the series track record. In the meantime i will just make myself content with God Eater 2 which will be released on august this year. Seriously if you have Japanese PSN just go get the demo

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