Thursday, May 26, 2016

Destroy x Revolution

 If a man had a ring that makes him invisible, will he commit injustice with it? That is Plato's "Ring of Gyges" tale opening a question whether a man will preserve his humanity if he had an absolute power. I never expected a Japanese manga able to re-tell the the topic long-discussed since antiquity in modern settings competently. No less expected from the mangaka of Holyland, Destroy x Revolution raises the question whether a man will abuse his newfound omnipotence through the story of friendship between two boys, one average student that possess ESP Power and another one a popular guy who harbor radical ideals wishing for a change in the World. Together they worked as terrorist group known as "Inquirer" sabotaging Japan in order to destroy the society system that they deem as corrupt. While the Drawing may not look that good, the story makes up for it as it displays raw emotions realistically while making us readers question our existence by reflecting upon Society issues. Not many manga that can pull that of and if you like Parasyte or Holyland you will definitely like this manga. All the manga need is a proper conclusion and it will be a masterpiece. But yeah, seeing bunch of Lawful-Evil 3rd rate Politicians getting thrown into Chopping blocks is quite satisfying too.

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