Monday, May 9, 2016

Capcom Figure Builder Standard Models

 Recently i have been gathering some Monster Hunter mini Figurines after i got my hand on the CFB Rajang. These are known as the Standard Models from the CFB series whereas my Rajang figurine belong to Creator's Model series. I guess the popularity of Monster Hunter Online in China warrants plenty of these figurines to be sold on Taobao around 30 to 50 RMB on average but some Vendors sell them for 20 RMB a pop as mystery gifts which are even cheaper compared to the Japanese retail price. Surprisingly the quality of these figurines are quite high for Gashapon-tier figures and perfectly captures the ferocity of the monsters. So far i had 16 of them which consist mostly Brute Wyverns and i notice that the quality of the monsters figurine from 3 Ultimate onward tend to be better than the older ones. Also I am still crossing my hand on CFB version of Zinogre and Rathalos.

Just look at the full post to see all of the individual monster figurines


Baleful Gigginox


 Brute Tigrex

Green Nargacuga 

Red Khezu 

Brute Wyverns




Steel Uragaan 

Elder Dragons


 Gold Ceadeus


Other monster type



Purple Gypceros

Royal Ludroth


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