Sunday, May 29, 2016

Megazone 23

 Seriously i regretted that i didn't this series earlier since it is just really amazing OVA and easily one of the best in its time. Megazone 23 is an 80s Cyberpunk Mecha OVA featuring transforming motorbike mecha and a showcase what a mecha series could achieve if it is not a toy commercial and easily part of the genre in its pinnacle. The series are consisted of three parts each revolves around a mysterious girl named Eve and how the protagonist's life changed as he seeks her. For an OVA of its time it is a splendid work of art utilizing its medium to the fullest. On top of that it explores uncharted part of Mecha genre in its own way while at the same time juggling with Cave Allegory. My personal favorite part of the OVA is the Third part as it offers amazing futuristic concept which was pretty innovative for its time. Also personally this is the best work that Shinji Aramaki designs were featured as Megazone had the most coherent storytelling out of the series that Aramaki's work featured in. No Doubt this series is one of the more inspirational mecha series and i noticed some of series that took direct inspirations from it. The recently discussed Video Game Gunbike certainly took plenty of its inspiration from Megazone and Armored Core series especially third generation with its bleak dystopian setting. The moment i look at Prototype Garland, i immediately noticed that it is the base model of the original Nineball. It is such a shame that such we didn't see much of great mecha OVA of this caliber and seriously Eve need more figurines for her.

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