Friday, September 1, 2017

Non Scale Raftclans Model Kit

 With Moon Dweller Release back then, Raftclans did have a good chance for a Model Kit Release and Kotobukiya just did it. The Raftclans Prototype shown from Wonderfest didn't fail the expectation and we got the release date shortly after the Summer one. With Al Van's Colors scheme, Raftclans Model Kit will be released around the end of this year with 8800 Yen Price tag. The kit comes with most of the Raftclans Gimmick save for the Orgon F Sword effect part which i find to be the coolest feature of the mecha. I have been expecting Raftclans will cost around 7000 Yen but as Kotobukiya Improvement of their Model Kit overall quality, i guess we won't see SRW Kit under 5000 Yen anytime soon.

 In SRW series, Raftclans begin as Original unit in SRW J and mainly used by game original Antagonists factions; The Fury. The units serve as the Fury Ace Pilot Mechas though it was unlockable as secret unit once you complete the Game with all three Original unit. In terms of specs Raftclans is strong in both Close and Ranged Combat and can perform further on either type depending on the pilot's Preference. Personally I find SRW J to be rather mediocre title at best, but Raftclans was what drives me to commit 4 Playthroughs and it was well worth it. You can bet that once i got the kit in my hand, i will just repaint it into Touya's color scheme.

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