Saturday, December 30, 2017

1/100 MG Plan 303E Deepstriker

 This probably one of the last thing i expect to get MG Treatment even though i got informant leak few months ago. But as a part of 30th year anniversary of Hajime Katoki Sentinel Gundam works, Bandai just decided to release MG Deepstriker. The kit will be released on March Next year while there are no price information yet, i heard it will cost around 20000 Yen though it could be higher. Deepstriker is the variant of S Gundam fitted with equipment for Solo operations deep into Enemy Territory, it bears some similarity to Dendrobium Gundam but the roles are kinda different i suppose. I won't be even thinking to get this kit but  If the Deep Striker has parts that can be switched with EX-S, it would have been great.


  1. A good friend of mine is definitely going for this huge MA.. he was telling me the rifle is not the exact one manned for deep striker and he had gotten himself a resin rifle for the arrival of this MG..

    1. too bad they dont come with legs on this one otherwise i would even consider it