Friday, December 8, 2017

Aoshima 1/48 ARX-8 Laevatein

 It took Three Years for Aoshima to catch up with Kotobukiya but finally they release their 1/48 Laevatein in preparation of the new anime season. The kit will be released on April Next Year with 5800 Yen Price tag, a little bit more expensive than Kotobukiya's take. I will most likely get this kit as my physical representation for Laevatein considering i was pleased with the FMP that i had which were made by Aoshima, To be honest i still prefer Arbalest over Laevatein because the latter got jobbed so much with its little screen time. I hope Aoshima is generous enough to release 1/48 for Belial as well.


  1. This is like Bandai and Aoshima doing the opposite thing. Good thing I already gotten Bandai’s Metal Build version some years back..

    1. Would have considered Metal Build as viable option if i didn't collect the lineup in 1/48 Scale