Saturday, December 9, 2017

Soul Of Chogokin GX-70 Mazinger Z DC Chrome Noir Ver Mini Review

 Got another chance to do a mini review again since recently we got some Tamashii Nation Exclusive that are requested by my boss to be presented for local toy community for review. As i was asked to watch over the session, i got opportunity to fondle these expensive toys yet again. There are three items for the community to sample and one of them is SOC Mazinger. As I haven't had any SOC in my collection so far, it is a great learning lesson for this High End Toy Lineup by Bandai.

So the Chrome Noir version is the alternate Pallette swap of the recently released SOC Mazinger Zwhich was rebranded as Dynamic Collections. I have dispatched couple of these lineups to my customers before and other than Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger and Getter 1 already got rebranding treatment as well with Grendizer coming up next. When i think of Soul of Chogokin, my impression is a towering Diecast Toys as big as Perfect Grade Gundam. However for Mazinger, the size is roughly as big as Master Grade Gundam and partially use Diecast for its parts.

 Considering it is a mini Review the photograph quality might not be as good as usual as the shots are hastily taken.  However the core purpose of this kind of review is to show a glimpse of the toys that i dont usually take into my collection. Other than the different color, i think The Chrome Noir version should have the exact content with the regular SOC Mazinger Z DC. For a 14000 Yen toy i think SOC Mazinger still worth it. But since i am not a big follower of Dynamic Pro mecha series, i don't think i am willing to spend more than 8000 Yen for a SOC Mazinger. My Impression with SOC Mazinger is that it is the go to Mazinger toy for solid overall quality and you can feel the weight of the diecast toy. The most impressive gimmick that i find from this toy is the Pilder Z use magnet to attach to Mazinger so you got parts that doesn't easily fall of yet easy to remove. Another pointer is the Wing Blade of the Jet Scrander is quite sharp so that particular part need to be handled with extra care.

 Overall i am quite happy to have a chance to look at Bandai Exclusive products since i won't even get a chance on normal circumstances if it is not for my job. Personally since i play SRW, i still prefer the regular color version but the metallic black and white finish of the Chrome Noir version actually doesn't look that bad. I still wonder which Mecha from Dynamic Pro that will get SOC DC treatment next and i think Getter Dragon would have a good chance for the sake of completing Final Dynamic Special.


  1. You are so lucky to play with expensive toy during your line of duty and that earns lots of envies.. I would like the scale of the toy as I like moderate to slightly bigger toy .. 8” and above I guess.. I’m not so familiar with Mazinger and I feel the colour tone a bit dull. Nevertheless chogokin gives good collection value.

    1. For Mazinger it is around 18cm i think and definitely Bandai SOC Lineup are pretty good in general