Wednesday, December 13, 2017

SCM Soul of Gold Sagittarius Aiolos Review

 Since i am a Sagittarius i think this is the right opportunity to make a review for my Sagittarius God Cloth. This My First Saint Cloth Myth and likely the last one too since i don't really follow Saint Seiya series. Got this one for 10000 Yen from my company after some cashback campaign which is very good deal for these kind of products. Arguably this a Review of Saint Seiya Myth Cloth product from Non Saint Seiya Follower.

 When i was a kid i had those Bootleg Saint Seiya toys which only cost $1 and i have to say the Original Article really impress me .The Diecast Parts Constitute roughly 60% of the Armor save for the Wing and that gives the figure a nice feel of Weight once the armor parts are assembled.

 In Saint Seiya Seiya, Sagittarius Gold Saint most memorable quality was their unwavering loyalty toward Athena. What i can recall about Aiolos was that he already died by the time Sanctuary Arc begins and He risked his life to protect infant Athena from the pursuit of Gold Saints under the order of Pope Gemini Saga. I am a Sagittarius in the first place so obviously i am getting this SCM to represent my constellation after all.

 For Sagittarius Object form it turns out the assembly process is quite straightforward and easy to pull off it is just that the oversized wings being cumbersome as usual. Recently i got an opportunity to try on Ophiuchus Odysseus and that object certainly far more complex compared to Sagittarius

 Personally I prefer my Sagittarius SOG to be set up without wings because you can still pull some decent Pose with this configuration. However since i don't really much experience with SCM, the poses that i made are rather stiff i suppose.

 Aiolos in his God Cloth Form definitely looks impressive. The only Downside is that the oversized Wing rendered Aiolos unable to stand properly without a stand support. I am curious how Bandai able to pose the sample product without any stand assistance but i guess it is just a photoshop job. Sagittarius Gold Saint apparently able to gather all of his fellow Gold Saint Cosmos and release it in single powerful Shot. Iirc the Gold Saints sacrificed their lifes in order to open the Elysium Gate by using this technique.

 Overall i do like my Copy of SOG Sagittarius but i just don't think i will play with it alot for being expensive action figure that require delicate care. I might consider getting Sagittarius EX Version if it got rerelease since i just prefer Diecast Action Figure that can still stand properly when fully equipped. I think i still have room to improvise for taking shots for Diecast Figure so might be doing part 2 Review when i am reviewing for Shurato


  1. I watched Saint Saiyan as a kid but not too much of the liking. Still I like the way how the good guys overcome all odds despite so much differences in power! Still, I like the facial sculpt and the wings. Very Gundam Wing Zero...

    1. The wing definitely is the dealbreaker for this SCM. Not into Saint Seiya either but might as well go with a bang for my constellation.