Sunday, December 3, 2017

1/144 RG Unicorn Mini Review

 Have been asked to assemble RG Unicorn for work purposes and took some liberties of taking some shots for this kit before handing it to my company. Since I only collect 1/100 Scale for gundam. Real Grade is out of my Radar. However i am quite amazed with the progress reached by Bandai's engineering represented by this RG Unicorn. Since the shots for this review is hastily taken, the photo quality is not as good as usual. But i will do it better next time if i have another opportunity.

 I never built MG Unicorn or any Real Grade before, but the impression that RG Unicorn gives is similar to MG F91. In a sense that the model kit is jam packed with delicate transforming mechanism which appears to easily snap if handled incorrectly. The plastic quality used in RG Unicorn is quite something as Bandai able to adjust the plastic hardness depending on the need. What amaze me the most with RG Unicorn is that the kit doesn't use Polycaps and still achieve great degree of articulation through the Polycaps equivalent integrated in the inner frame. As for the Destroy Mode transformation, it is relatively easy once you get the gist of it and the RG almost achieve the same degree of transformation gimmick equal to its Master Grade equivalent which is amazing already for smaller 1/144 Scale.

 What gives me trouble the most when assembling this kits is the waist part as the waist Armor easily drops off but the kit is supposed to be really firm if assembled properly. The upper torso articulation is kinda stiff but apparently it is able to pull of great degree of Unfortunately i don't take many shots for this review since i don't want to risk breaking company property but i will try to take more pics next time should another chance arise. As much as i hate Unicorn as i find it to be overrated series that occupies majority of Bandai's attention to the point i feel that other Gundam Series being neglected, i will probably get the MG Unicorn one of these days.


  1. RG to small and too delicate in my opinion. MG suits u more and for more robust, try Metal Composite..

    1. Unfortunately GFF Metal Composite is not exactly MG Size so that one is out of window.