Saturday, December 16, 2017

1/7 Lancer Kiyohime Figurine

 Since i played Fate Grand Order last month, i keep more in tune with the merchandises related to this Hit Mobile Phone Game. One of the new Servant from the game that caught my interest is Kiyohime and her Summer event version is getting a figure treatment by Phat Company. The figure will be released on August next year with the 14800 Yen Price tag. Long gone the days of  affordable figurine as i had Caster Tamamo made by Phat for the half price of this figurine. In the FGO Game, Kiyohime original class is Berserker though she fought like Caster and in the Summer Event she changed into Lancer class which the one that got the figure treatment. Kiyohime is depicted as Yandere servant yearning for her master's affection since she thought Gudao/Gudako was the reincarnation of her love who she accidentally killed in the past. To be honest i don't mind getting this figure but i still prefer her berserker outfit in particular her second stage one. But i suppose the main deciding point would be the FGO Summer Event which NA server will be getting next year.


  1. I’m into Fate series however not exposed to the game.. I’m catching up the latest Apocrypha anime ..

    1. Despite the glaring flaw of FGO it is still enjoyable game overall