Sunday, December 10, 2017

Persona 3 Figma 049 Aigis Review

 Since i got Figma for Makoto Yuki, i might as well complete my collection for Persona 3 which Aigis was the only one left. Aigis, being the flagship mecha waifu, got her Figma back in early days of the Lineup predating way before Makoto Yuki's figma. Since i just need to complete my set, i didn't mind getting a preowned Copy for Aigis. I had a choice between the Ultimax Version or the Regular version and chose the latter. Becose i dont find over encumbered armaments fit the Aesthetics for Aigis who is more suited as precise and lethal killing machine over sheer firepower.

 Max Factory sure changed alot as Aigis comes with the same amount of accesories compared to Makoto Yuki and only cost 3000 Yen which is half price of the latter. I still don't understand why Max Factory charge 6000 Yen for Makoto Yuki despite the quality is about the same. All in all Figma Aigis certainly worth its price tag and could even worth 4000 Yen as the general quality is not far from present day Figma Quality. I don't know whether my copy is original or bootleg since i bought from second hand. But i am satisfied with the overall quality save for her Hair which could be done a little bit better.

  In Persona 3 Aigis is one of the Anti Shadow Weapon created by Kirijo Group taking form of Robotic Female who has her own Sentience. She is very attached to Persona 3 Protagonist and devoted herself to protect him at all cost to the point watching over him sleeping. Later in the story it was revealed Aigis fought the 13th Arcana and sealed it into the Protagonist 10 Years prior to Persona 3 settings thus feels responsible to ensure his safety. Gameplay wise, Aigis is the strongest character in Physical Department of all SEES Member but i recall that i didn't use her alot for some reason.

 For Aigis, her extra Accessories is Rocket Punch which was her Joke weapon in Persona 3 which most notably has the highest raw power of all Joke Weapons iirc. I certainly enjoy taking shots for Aigis with this Accessory equipped.

I am rather curious with the height comparison for Figma Aigis and her Ultimax version since i find the original Figma Aigis to be bigger than Figma Makoto Yuki which is probably some oversight by Max Factory. I think i will do second part review for Aigis since a tag team shot with Makoto Yuki wouldn't be bad idea.


  1. The quality looks decent and I too can’t tell the authenticity. For the pics I believed they are original stuffs. I used to have a few figmas but have down scale to only one now which is only Luv-Muv. They are pretty fun to play with but I get kind of nervous whenever changing those delicate parts especially the hands. Their superiority is definitely the articulations! Cool to come with stands however more accessories would be even better.

    1. It has been on my mind that some Bootlegs are likely to be the Finished Products that didn't met the standards set by the Publisher but still good enough to be sold.

      I think Figma are still easy to handle compared to Diecast Action Figure such as Saint Seiya which a broken parts easily make a collector crying. I also share the same sentiment that Figmas need more Accesories to justify their price because i still find them to be overpriced in general. But in Honesty Figma Aigis is a good Worksmanship