Saturday, June 9, 2018

Custom Robo Arena

 This is another one of those old backlog game that i managed to deal with. Custom Robo Arena is one of those hidden gem in NDS especially if you like some 3D mecha action. Typical of the game of this genre, the story is never the strong point but it makes up with the gameplay. Custom Robo Arena gameplay is similar to game like Medabots and Danball Senki where you customize your robot toy and duke it out with other robots in one on one fight. In terms of size comparison, The Custom Robos size are somewhere around a Perfect Grade Gundam size so they fit roughly between LBX and Medabots. In this game my favorite Custom Robo variant is Lightning Sky which can transform into plane mode and the one thst I used the most is Tempest which resembles to a transformable Arc Beetle from Medabots. As of now I have finished the game with only Grudge Battles left which I will pick it up again when interested. Custom Robo could easily have a sequel on 3ds but I guess it comes to lack of interest but I hope the series will reappear someday. 


  1. Besides LBX and Medabots, I feel that it has some elements of Megaman in it.

    1. The Humanoid Variants do have abit resemblence with Rockman