Thursday, June 21, 2018

Konosuba Figma 399 Aqua

Well after a long time wait for Konosuba fans, the useless water goddess Aqua made her reappearance in Figma form! Scheduled for November Release this year, Figma Aqua comes with the price tag of 6800 Yen. In terms of accessories it comes with the face expression and props are same with Nendoroid with extra effects for her staff and God Blow effect parts. I would hoped for more pathetic expressions for Aqua, but i guess the current one is fine as it is, too bad her happy expression is Online Shop exclusive. Considering Aqua is my favorite heroine in the series this one is instant get for me. I think Megumin finished figma will follow up within 2-3 months and probably we will see one for Darkness early next year. I just hope Megumin's doesn't cost too high than Aqua's

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