Wednesday, June 20, 2018

RE/100 1/100 Jagd Doga

 This particular year we see quite a lot Char's Counterattack Gunpla product, probably it has to do with the 30th year anniversary. After MG Jegan and RG Sazabi, Gyunei's Jagd Doga now shows up in 1/100 RE Scale. Jagd Doga probably cant get MG treatment due to lack of popularity but it can still use RE/100 Lineup for that. Scheduled for September Release, RE Jagd Doga comes for 4500 Yen Price Tag. With the same price with MG Geara Doga i guess the MG treatment for Jagd Doga would cost even more thats why Bandai put this guy into RE/100. I would expect the kit to be rather bulky so its articulation are rather hindered. Back then i was not a fan of Jagd Doga when i was new to Gundam series. But i eventually become more fond of this MS since it is High Performance Elite unit without being ridiculuously overpowered but the Pilot is still a douche. In any case this guy is a get for me.


  1. I love RE releases and kudos to Bandai for looking back to mid cutters from past series / OVA / game and not forgetting mature fans. Looking forward to more GM in RE line..

    1. RE/100 is a good lineup to see good but not popular model being released in the glorious 1/100 Lineup though at the moment i think it leans more on Zeon's MS. Still looking forward to Geymalk and Doven Wolf eventual release