Sunday, June 17, 2018

Iron Blood Orphans Full Mechanics Afterthoughts

 Got couple days off this week so spent that time to assemble some of my Gunplas left in the backlog. I had few Iron Blood Orphans Gunplas in my collections and picked to build the S2 IBO Gundam since i might as well assemble complete set. In terms of value for money, Full Mechanics is one of the best Gunpla Lineup that Bandai had. For 3000 Yen you got a 1/100 Gundam with inner Frame and Good quality sculpt that beats Master Grade of Equivalent Price. These Kits put the Back heavy SEED MG that i built a while ago to shame and certainly an MG treatment for IBO series can improve thing further more. For these three Kits, each Gundam are heavy on certain parts. Lupus is Leg Heavy, Vidar is on the Side Waist and Bael is obviously heavy on the back. While i am Vidar Fanboy, in terms of the Model Kit, i find Barbatos Lupus is the best one with its balanced design where as Vidar feels had too many things going with its armaments on the waist. I still wonder why Bandai doesn't utilize the IBO series enough since the Full Mechanics can still go strong with Kimaris Vidar or Astaroth. I will be looking forward for an opportunity to paint these kits which will definitely make them even more impressive.


  1. It’s nice that Bandai has value for money 1/100 scale Gunpla of this series catering to fans into this scale (like me). Looking at Bandai’s business strategy, those expecting the MG would probably need to wait a decade for its anniversary.

    1. Such a shame Bandai didn't utilize IBO series to the fullest yet.