Friday, June 22, 2018

Nendoroid 951 Yang Wenli

 The Magician Yang now returns with his new appearance in the form of Nendoroid! GSC spares no time after Die Neue These airing and we are getting the merchandise as fast as they could produce. Scheduled for December Release with the price tag of 4500 Yen. The accessories are nothing flashy like Reinhard's Throne but Yang's tea set will fit well with Reinhard's baked Pie. Speaking of Die Neue These, i think Yang's Voice Actor Kenichi Suzumura did relatively better job compared to Mamoru Miyano but to be fair it is hard to replicate Ryo Horikawa's who nailed on Reinhard's dignified mannerism spot on. When the first season of Die Neue These ends, i think i will do a brief review for the series. As for now the only thing left for the LOGH Merchandise is the flagships Model Kits which Kotobukiya probably will pick it up.

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