Thursday, April 5, 2012

Composite Ver Ka ExBein Review

With some Punching surprise inside!

In this year, it seems like i begin to collect quite plenty of action figures despite i don't really have spare time to review them. This time i will be reviewing One of my action figure that i bought last year which is Composite Ver Ka Exbein which i got for 50% off from Amiami(though i could get it even cheaper if i waited longer). At first i didn't expect myself to get this guy but some kind of coincidence makes me get this guy in the end.

Exbein is a real robot that debuted in SRW OG Inspectors which it substitute Huckebein Mk-III and probably belongs to Real Trooper lineup as well. Exbein probably specifically designed to replace Huckebein in animation series because Bandai/Sunrise don't allow Huckebeins to show up in animations due to their close resemblence to Gundam which ironically make Exbein to be more legitimate compared to his cousins. Instead of Multi-tracer missile, Exbein sports a wing backpack on its back which is probably Tesla Drive since Huckebein Mk-III can't really fly without G-Gunner. Exbein itself is still piloted by original pilot by Mk-III pilot which is Ryoto himself and capable of docking with Boxer and Gunner unit well just like the original unit did.

These are the accessories included in the Composite Ver Ka Exbein which include some weapons, 5 sets of hands and and action base to show. In terms of articulation, as expected from Bandai it is superb especially the knee articulation which would have been great on Kotobukiya kits. From my attempt of taking photoshots of my ExBein, i think i am getting more accustomed to my DSLR now and probably i could prepare better shots next time.

Exbein used all of the weapons that Huckebein Mk-II and Mk-III had already which include Photon Rifle, Graviton Rifle, Fang Slasher, Chakram Shooter and Roche Saber which makes Exbein doesn't really have something new in terms of armaments. In the anime i recall Exbein tend to rely on the Graviton Rifle quite alot but most of the time this guy docks with G Gunner.

Perhaps the only thing new with the Exbein that it has Beam Saber holder on the arms which probably can be activated while stored that kinda reminds me of Gundam Unicorn's beam tonfa. Surprisingly when you take of the Exbein's Visor you can see Huckebein's eye which probably could mean that it is Huckebein in disguise!

Perhaps the main reason why i decided to get Exbein is to test its compatibility with the Boxer unit which somehow looks fitting though actually the Exbein is a bit to small to use this unit. Anyway i could pull some nice poses at least. Few while ago i heard there is a rumor that Bandai is planning to release Boxer Units for Exbein but probably it is going to much more expensive compared to the Exbein itself if there is actually one.

That's the comparison of the Exbein with Huckebein Mk-III and as shown the Composite ver Ka Exbein is abit smaller compared to 1/144 Huckebein. Overall Composite Ver Ka Exbein is quite nice toy to have if you can get it cheap since i find the original price is too expensive for what the toy offers. While i don't really interested with Composite Ver Ka lineup i think i am slightly interested with Guren Lagann of this lineup's version. I got some bonus CD that comes with Exbein which contain some promotional material and i might consider to upload it later. As for closure i would looking forward for this Guy in OGs2 and see whether it lives up to expectation.

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  1. Great review, great poses!
    And whow, its rare to see a boxer unit *-*