Sunday, April 1, 2012

1/72 Crest CR-C98E2 Assault type version

At the moment i play Armored Core Silentline which is a breeze now unlike my first attempt. This makes me get interested again in getting AC kits as i am able to appreciate them more this time. One of the kit that i am interested with is the CR-C98E2 Assault type version which is the poster boy of AC Silentline though you will see this guy in the game's intro only. This AC is a lightweight or middleweight class where the Body Parts are Crest manufactured. What makes this kit special is that it has the infamous Laser Rifle KARASAWA(which is really powerful) and CROW extension unit which renders enemy unable to lockon at you for a while. The kit is currently 47% off preorder in Amiami along with Oracle so you might consider to get it fast.

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