Tuesday, April 10, 2012

G Senjou no Maou thoughts

For some reason i got some urge to read VNs from few days ago which i have read couple of VNs by now. One of them is G-Senjou no Maou or "Devil on G-string"which refer to the classical piece called "Air on G-String". At first i thought the VN is just ordinary and overrated but in the end,the Main Heroine's route certainly make the game live up to its reputation. The player assume the role of Azai Kyosuke, a adopted son of influential Yakuza boss who only lived to pay his actual parent's debt. His life slowly changed when a girl named Usami Haru enroll to his school. Kyosuke got himself entangled with Usami as she chase a mysterious guy called Maou is plotting some nasty schemes affecting people around Kyosuke .

Overall the game feels quite unpolished as there are lots of rough edges across the story which could indicate that the project time for the game is rather short. Nevertheless you will definitely enjoy the main story especially if you like mind games which the game is not bad at handling this stuff. But in the end i think the main antagonist doesn't really deserve title of Maou not because of his motive(kinda lame) but because he is not badass enough to be called as one and i wish there is some bad ending that involve Kyosuke and Maou. There are 4 routes in total for G-senjou no Maou but actually you can ignore the sub-heroine's route since the script writer really focus on main heroine's path. In conclusion no matter what you do, you must finish the Main route of this game at least if you ever interested to pick up the game as it is the main selling point of the VN and the ending is almost tearjerking if it is not ended abruptly.

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