Monday, April 23, 2012

1/7 Alisa Amelia

Few days agos i started God Eater: Burst and hooked into it until now, it is really fun game if you like Monster Hunter and it even has storyline which is decent even if slightly cheesy. One of the main character of the game, Alisa Amiella will be getting a 1/7 figurine treatment from Plum which is going to be released on July this year with 7750 yen price tag. I suppose it is rather reasonable as the figurine size is around 30 cm with her Blade form God Arc and the sculpt looks quite good as well. Alisa is a Newtype God Eaters who joined Fenrir Far East Branch in God Eater and plays some important role in the game. In terms of personality, Alisa is slightly snobby at first but eventually opens up to the 1st God Eaters unit with some help from the main protagonist. If you are Alisa's fan you might consider to get this figure if you got some spare cash but myself is more looking forward to God Eater 2 XD.

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