Friday, April 27, 2012

1/72 HMM Berserk Fury

After few months of the first reveal for the kit, finally Kotobukiya announced the release of Berserk Fury's kit. The kit will be released on August this year with price of 8800 yen. This is rather expected since the previous Geno Breaker cost like 7800 yen and Berserk Fury is more or less have the same size frame with it along with CAS feature. Berserk Fury or Berserk Fuhrer is a zoid developed by Empire based on Geno Saurer in order to rival Republic's Liger Zero and ironically the Empire stole technologies from Republic to develop this Zoid. Berserk Fury is really strong all around where it possess powerful Diffused Particle Cannon which is discharged from its mouth and also capable of generating Energy Shield. Apparently the version that the Kotobukiya released the New Century version which is piloted by Vega a kid who serves Bit's rival. I won't be getting this kit for a while since i need to conserve my budget and i still have too much backlog yet to be finished.

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