Saturday, April 7, 2012

Muvluv Alternative Chronicles 1

Recently Muvluv Alternative Chronicles 3 had been released and some interesting stuff happened there so i decided to catch up the VN series by having Alternative Chronicles 1 a go. It seems that my japanese is not still good enough to read a VN since i could only comprehend 30%-40% of the VN's content only but it is good enough for me.

Alternative Chronicles 1 consist of 3 Muvluv universe sidestories which consist of The Day After 0, Chicken Diver and Rain Dancer along with other misc stuffs. TDA 0 is the main segment of Chronicles 1 which serve as prologue of potential main Muvluv series. Taking place in Unlimited timeline, TDA series revolves around events post Operation Babylon which is the part of Alternative V project where US commence mass bombardment of BETA Hive with G Bomb. TDA 0 begins 3 months after Operation Babylon ended which seemingly eradicated BETA(obviously not) and turning most of earth into pile of salts at the same time. The story revolves around US Marine Squad Squad called Black Knives who are trying to find way to return home and revolves around 1 week after they found a fellow marine survivor.

Overall the VN length is quite short as TDA 0 only take 2 to 5 hours to finished reading as it is kinetic novel while Chicken Diver and Rain Dancer only took less than an hour to finish. Nevertheless the mecha action in the VN is not bad despite it is scarce in particular the one in TDA 0 even though the scale is not as epic as Sadogashima and you will see some Typhoon in action too. Definitely a must read for Muvluv fans though  language barrier is slightly a problem until a translation patch done which seems someone are still working on it. Now i am going to read Alternative Chronicle 2 and just bring ITH/ATLAS along.

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