Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Early April Loot

Actually i should call the topic as March loot as if my stuff from Amiami was not so late too arrive due to the local Post office error. I got myself some Virtual-ON kits from HLJ which had rather tempting offer then i finally got myself the Armor Plus of Tekkaman Blade from Mandarake which i get more or less regular price. From Amiami i bought SOC Zeorymer and HMM Liger Zero Jaeger which i preordered beforehand but ironically it is the last items to be arrived out of all loots. I guess i will be buying less stuffs by the 2nd half of the year as my backlog keep increasing while i currently have problems to clear my backlogs. Anyway you will expect some review of the Armor Plus Tekkaman Blade soon or later because i rather have high priority to review this guy.

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