Friday, April 13, 2012

Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of Heroic Knight

Record Lodoss War is probably one of the Top tier Fantasy series that spans multiple Anime and Mangas. The epic series known for really rich lore and cover 15 years of the war of sword and magic sparked in the land of Lodoss. One of the story taking place in the series is Eiyuu Kishiden or Chronicles of Heroic Knight which tells a story of a young knight's life called Spark about his journey to become a Knight. Along his journey he finds allies, meaning to be a Knight and eventually someone he wants to protect while carrying a heavy burden to fight against Greater Evil that is going to spread chaos to Lodoss once again. I really like the manga version of Eiyuu Kishiden as it depicts the ideal of Chivalry really well and probably Eiyuu Kishiden has the best drawing of all Lodoss war manga. So far i have read all the available manga and planning to give the anime a watch if i have some spare time.

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