Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1/100 MG Marasai

On February this year Bandai announced to release MG Marasai on May 2012 with the price of 4000 Yen which is kind of unexpected. This is because the MG lineup of the first half of this year are mostly Gundam and it is quite surprising that a Grunt unit suddenly got an MG treatment. Anyway i am glad that this MS get an MG since actually it is one of my favorite Mono-eye MS in Gundam series along with Kampfer which happen to bear some resemblance with this guy for some reason. Marasai is one of the Titans Grunt MS which have higher performance compared to Hizack and I recall somewhere that Marasai is designed to look Samurai-esque. I am planning a repaint project for this guy as well though metallic repaint would look rather cool as well. Come to think of it, i will give the Ballute system of Hyaku Shiki for this guy as well.

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