Monday, April 16, 2012

Super Robot War Z2 Hakai Hen 100% completion

In preparation for Saisei Hen, i decided to aim for 100% completion for my Hakai Hen progress last week. I continued from my previous 3rd run which is still early in the game and went until the 4th branch of "Jigenjuu" stage which is the last hurdle for completion of the chart. It took 2 days for me to accomplish this task and by the 3rd playthrough, everything is a breeze due to massive amount of cash and PP carried over from my 2nd run. For my 3rd run i took the Super Robot route which usually have Trider G7 joining in and i still keep learning new stuffs from third playthrough and "Invincible" combo is quite awesome.   I managed to finish the game within 192 turns and most of my units gained Ace status already except Sumeragi and Roshiu. Crowe still managed to be my top pilot undisputed from the first playthrough until now with over 800 kills by this time. I am abit lazy to do 4th playthrough now despite the upgrade has increased to 15 slots and probably do something else while waiting for my Saisei Hen copy to arrive.

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