Saturday, September 23, 2017

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

 Advance Wars has been one of my favorite original Nintendo Series made by Intelligent software. I suppose by this time with the Waifu Bait antics that Nintendo shove Intelligent put into Fire Emblem, Advance Wars become my preferred SRPG series over Fire Emblem. I have played all Advance Wars games from the GBA until Days of Ruins and Dual Strike happens to be my last one that i completed the Campaign mode. Out of Advance Wars i think Dual Strike has the best contents in the series so far because it wins by sheer amount of content. The Balance is rather tipped off though in Dual Strike as some of COs Dual Strike are gamebreaking stuff. I still wonder why there are none Advance Wars title for 3DS series even though Intelligent could easily make one. Preoccupation with Fire Emblem has to do with it but it would be a waste if Nintendo skipped one for 3DS.

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