Wednesday, September 27, 2017

August 2017 Loot

 Forgot to show off this one due to workload but here is my acquisition from last month. Working in Toy Company has its perks, being able to get the first dib on new stuffs or getting rare toys at discount rate. Though i end up having my spending on toys doubled or tripled before i work in my current company. Most of the stuffs in the picture i bought it from my company save for SRC Mightgaine. I ended up buying alot last month because Tokopedia had insane 20% Cashback Promotion which allow me to get Sagittarius SOG for roughly 10000 Yen only. It was pricey but at long last, i have my own Saint Cloth and the only one i need! But in the end i think the best deal i got from last month is Yamato 2199 Figurine which i got for 270k Rp or roughly 2000ish Yen which is a steal for this kind of figure. Probably in few weeks i will be putting up some Review for some of my hauls here.

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