Friday, September 29, 2017

Mospeada RIOBOT 1/12 Ride Armor

 I have been looking forward to Sentinel take on Mospeada Ride Armor ever since i saw the Prototype early this year. Just today Sentinel made its release announcement, the RIOBOT Ride Armor will be released January next year for 20000 Yen. The version of Ride Armor that Sentinel will be releasing is Stig Bernard's who is the main protagonist of the series and it seems that the RIOBOT will come with full gimmick. As as series, Mospeada is a wasted potential, but its mechanical design is something ahead of its time and thats what make me find this series noteworthy.

Years ago Megahouse did release 1/15 Scale Ride Armor with full gimmicks around 6000 Yen. But i guess paying three times the amount for a highly detailed 1/12 version is still within acceptable range with Recessions and Japanese Yen inflations being considered into. It was quite noticable that for some reason Japanese Hobby Toys price has inflated over past five years as the Hobby Companies are charging arms and legs for their product. Sentinel is one of the best Mecha Toy making company which is still around and i feel they deserve my support as they keep Moe Cancer at bay. If Stig's Ride Armor sells well enough i think Ray's and Houquet's will follow up. I wonder if Sentinel going to make Legioss some day because i think their sculpting skill should make a good one.


  1. The sculpt seems really good thru the promo.. like a Kai version of the original. 1/12 close to figma size I guess. Riobot Toys value mostly appreciate with time.. I like their ‘Break Sword’ Mecha but still so ex! I’m pleased with my Beagle version so I’m going to give this a miss. I hope I won’t regret...

  2. Sentinel Toys price are generally ridiculous in the aftermarket but generally worth it for Diehard fans due to its quality. I heard the beagle version was not so bad but since i haven't got mine Sentinel is the way to go.