Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Legend of Galactic Heroes Reboot Trailer

 After few years in planning finally we are getting a glimpse of the new anime adaptation of LOGH series. I can't really say much at the moment but the reboot seems to go into proper direction. Because the I.G Studio looks quite serious on the adaptation project therefore i will give the series a proper attention to appreciate their effort. To be honest even if the LoGH OVA series animation aged slightly it is still a masterpiece and it will be a tall order for the Reboot to surpass it. From the trailer, the new Character Design for Yang Wenli and Reinhard is not really a huge improvement of the old design but still better than the manga version. However i had my doubts with the new ship design. The LoGH series reboot will be airing on Spring 2018 as 12 Episode Tv series for the first part and 3 Movies for the second part. I do hope from the bottom of my heart for this series to succeed because the Original OVA is still Timeless Masterpiece.

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